Contemporary Sculpture

acrylic, brass, springs modern art sculpture


acrylic, brass, springs, wood

I first envisioned this sculpture while in college, and actually built three of these shapes on an outdoor scale (with no plastic), and assembled them on the lawn. It was a proof of concept, but I did not get around to building this smaller version of Windsong for a few years. Every part of this sculpture is movable, with hinges between the triangles, u-joints at the base, and springs connecting it all. Several years ago I updated the plastic u-joints for metal ones.

steel sculpture of the human body in abstract form



This sculpture is a bit of a happy accident. Torso was made in just a day or two without a lot of thought or planning. It was purchased by a local physician for the office.

Acrylic modern art

The whimsical sculpture French Garden fits in with my lifelong interest in gardening. At the time this was completed I was working in a retail nursery, and we sold a lot of French gardens.

Plexiglass sculpture modern art with steel

French Garden

acrylic and steel

Steel abstract sculpture by Craig McDowall.

Walk, Don’t Walk


Completed during my stay at the San Antonio Art Institute, this large steel piece (46” long) has traveled around with my ever since. This represents the nicest welding of any of my pieces, with super crisp edges and clean shapes. I enjoyed exploring the negative spaces of Walk, Don’t Walk, and creating movement with steel. It is coming out of the crate in October.

Steel sculpture abstract design