Tool Series

mixed media assemblage abstract art

Claw Hammer

acyrlic, wood, nails, hammer, glass

mixed media contemporary art


wood, paper, hardware, jars

mixed media assemblage contemporary art


Acrylic, wood, pliers, wire

Contemporary mixed media sculpture with found objects


wood, steel, chalkboard

Artwork by Craig McDowall of a level, a cool found object.


acrylic, wood, antique level


wood, acyrlic

    Here are six of the eight pieces which make up the Tool Series. I was talking to a friend who referred to her computer as a tool, and it made me think of actual tools. This series is an exploration into what constitutes a real tool. I enjoy traditional skills and classic workmanship, much of which is better than any contemporary example. As much as I think of my computer as a ‘tool’, I do like to make a distinction between digital tools and the very physical tools of our forefathers. 

I created blueprint drawings for several of these artworks, and had them reproduced on the actual blueprint paper. There are a few found objects as well as created elements to make these assemblage art.