Murals at KASF-FM

Painted mural

acrylic paint

Piano Ranch

I was commissioned by KASF-FM to paint Piano Ranch in the lobby. It is an abstract design with a Neo-classical theme which pays homage to Cadillac Ranch in Texas.

Yep, I painted the same space twice. This first mural replied on primary colors and basic shapes. The mural moved around the lobby and down the hallway and followed a music theme.

KASF-FM mural painting

Original KASF mural

acrylic paint

Painting of mural at KASF-FM radio station, Alamosa, CO

The mural begins when people enter the lobby, then swings down both sides of the hallway (bottom two drawings), and then reenters the lobby, ending at the repeat symbol. I wish I had more good photos, but things get missplaced over the years.