Public art outdoor installation in Olympia, WA

Presentation Model for Constellation

wood, plastic, cardboard, tiny trees

This outdoor installation was to represent a Constellation, with each of the towering stainless steel sculptures becoming an abstract star. In the center of the park was the ’star disc’, a rotating plate of corten steel with the pattern of the seven stars drilled through the plate. Visitors could rotate the plate and then try to make up their own constellation imagery and name.  This is one of my highs, and one of my lows in the art world. I was awarded the commission to build this sculpture for the city of Olympia, WA - and then I wasn’t. Buy me a beer and I will tell you the sad tale.

public art outdoor sculpture commission

Visitor viewing the Star Disk while resting on one of the seven seats which repeat the Constellation pattern.

Knowing what I know now, this was a bit ambitious for the money, but I was 29 and full of energy.