Figure Drawing

pencil on paper drawing

Sleeping Nude


Standing Nude


pen and ink drawing

Sitting Nude

Ink and stick

All these figure drawings were started at the Manitou Spring Artists Coop (still a cool place). Bob Naatz organized a life drawing group which met weekly. Sleeping Nude is large at 18 x 24. Look at that beautiful lower leg and foot on Sitting Nude. There is also a nice distance perspective in the size of the leg, torso and head.

Standing Nude won First Place at the National Art Show in Lu Junta, CO

nude pencil drawing

Resting Nude


Two Women Posing

ink wash and pen

Conte Crayon drawing

Woman Reading

charcoal on packaging paper

Woman Reading was destroyed in a massive fire at artist Huberto Maestas’ studio.

All the art students looking at this are familiar with gesture drawing. In college I was taught to use vine charcoal so you could reuse the paper. Afterward I switched to Crayola Crayon on the same cheap paper (just look at the tears). The crayons don’t smudge, and are better for storage. The drawing of the two nudes together is one of my favorites, all my work should be so confident and spontaneous. 

Pencil drawing of figurative nude


Gazing Nude

I just found this drawing in an overlooked box. Obviously the same model and same day as Resting Nude.

pencil drawing

This is quite a large drawing.

Intaglio prints, these are quite small, about 4” wide