Contemporary Sculpture

Erie Public Library, Erie, CO

mixed media with steel

Coal Creek Homestead

    Coal Creek Homestead was an unexpected commission I just sort of lucked into. It is a very good example of my approach to assemblage art. On Facebook I follow a group of assemblage artists, those who take found objects and society’s castoffs to create really unique art, often from an interesting point of view. I am different in that I make the various elements, and then assemble them. It might take several weeks to create the various parts, then in one afternoon it is all assembled.

Mixed media contemporary sculpture.
Acrylic metal mixed media art sculpture.

Harmony Discord

acrylic, wood, steel

Harmony Discord is another good example of assemblage from created parts and found objects. This sculpture stands nearly 6’tall. The male side is represented by a steel male figure opposite a steel auger, which is phallic in several different ways. The female is made of translucent acrylic sheet. Next to the figure is a three-dimensional house which projects considerably from the wire mesh background. On the back wall of the house is a honorarium to Peit Mondrian. This sculpture has only been exhibited once. It will be part of the October 2023 exhibition in Maryland.

metal figurative art

Making Ends Meet

bondo and steel

Making Ends Meet was the final piece I made in college, and it almost killed me. On opening night of my senior show, Roger Williams came up to me and whispered in my ear, “Making Ends Meet smells like fresh paint.” My brother Michael and his wife Susan have been faithful caretakers of this sculpture for many years, which I dearly appreciate.

Metal sculpture by Craig McDowall

Naked Gate

rusty steel

Built as a garden gate for a funky place I lived at, Naked Gate is a figurative sculpture made of found metal objects from a scrap pile. 

steel wire contemporary art

Strolling Cow


Ah, the Strolling Cow. This piece was very spontaneous. The night I started it there was all kinds of activity in the sculpture room, and I just went to the center of the room and started on this lifesize cow. It really did not take very long to finish, either that night or the next day. The leg loops are mounted to the ground and only sway a little. The rest of the cow is on swinging mounts which allow much greater movement, particularly forward and back. It swayed marvelously in the wind. Strolling Cow ended up at my parents small farm, and I lost track of it after my mother passed away a few years later. A good example of drawing in space.