Contemporary Sculpture

Contemporary art and sculpture by Craig McDowall featuring acrylic, wood, mixed media and asseblage techniques


steel, acrylic, wood

asseblage sculpture art

It is impossible to see in photos, but the blue sheets (joined by a spiral binder you can see) are a calendar. The three overlapping shapes have Stonehenge sandblasted into each surface. 

The clear winding  handles (marked A and B) are free to move just like the real ones.

Notice that the clock face changed from the sketch.

Preparatory sketches



This sculpture depicts the effects of erosion in sort of a ‘time lapse’ still, as the Rocks tumble down the hill. The steel base has a nice curve to help break the plane. This sculpture sat in the dark under the stairs in our Greeley home. Putting it in the sunshine was a top priority once we moved to Maryland and had this nice site.

outdoor temporary installation

Mystic Shelter

cardboard tubes, wood, lights, fabric

This temporary outdoor installation was part of an arts fair in Olympia, WA