Contemporary Sculpture

acrylic, steel, mixed media sculpture

On the Inside Looking Out

acrylic and steel

Mixed media sculpture contemorary art

Checkpoint Charlie

Acrylic, paper and steel

acrylic mixed media sculpture


Acrylic and steel

acrylic and steel assemblage mixed media

Death at the Wall

Acrylic and steel

Exodus contemporary assemblage sculpture. Exhibited in the Will Power show.


acrylic, bronze and steel

    The four pieces here are the best of this seven sculpture series. Checkpoint Charlie was awarded First Place at the Gillian County Arts Assc annual show. Solidarity was sold at auction on television as part of a PBS fundraiser. On the Inside Looking Out was exhibited at an invitational show at the Pikes Peak Regional Arts Center. Death at the Wall was probably unceremoniously tossed into a dumpster in San Antonio, TX. The music of Bob Marley was influential in the making of Exodus, which is displayed on a tinted glass wall. Climate change is currently responsible for many different exodus events around the world.

These sculptures were originally displayed in the Will Power solo show at the Pikes Peak Public Library. The theme is barriers, walls, gateways, control, escape, exodus, militarism. The pieces were inspired largely by geopolitical events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and also the independence of Poland under Lech Walesa. I was listening to a lot of Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul during this time, including his song Checkpoint Charlie.