Craig McDowall


Elkton Station Gallery, Cecil College
107 Railroad Ave, Elkton, MD

‍      Craig McDowall is currently preparing for a solo exhibit at the Elkton Station Gallery of Cecil College, in Elkton, MD   (see pictures below). Titled Elemental Forces, the new show will open with a First Friday event on October 6, 2023. Join our list for an INVITATION to the First Friday event - there will be an artwork giveaway on opening night.

‍      I am concerned about climate change and the effect it is having on everything.  After some consideration I knew this exhibit would be about climate change, but in what way?  The topic encompasses all aspects of life and I would have to dig deep to find something that ties it all together.

‍      In early March I was listening to a podcast and they discussed “tipping points” in relationship to the climate. I immediately knew what that meant to me, and scribbled the words on a sticky note. Nature strives for balance, while mankind is constantly pushing it to the edge, the point of no return. Eventually a ‘tipping point’ is reached, and nature must drastically do something to attempt to maintain the organic balance of life. There is tension there, a moment when things might tumble. Tumult.

‍      Also in the thematic mix is the idea of the classical Greek elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. I contend that Mankind is a fifth element. The first four create life in abundance, while Mankind’s ‘dagger’ of technology pierces the natural world in its typically destructive fashion. Mankind has pushed the other elements to their tipping point, and nature will try to restore the balance of the Elemental Forces.

‍       New photos will be posted here occasionally. Gallery photos with finished sculpture will be up a few days after the opening.